Shipping Companies Cricket Tournament

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Al Bader Shipping

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31 Jan 2015

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22 May 2015




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SCCT 2015 Commences

24 Feb 2015

SCCT is the annual sporting event for the shipping companies of Kuwait, Shipping Companies Cricket Tournament commenced at the Sulaibiya turf grounds. This is the 12th year in succession this event is being held and like the last year the entire tournament will be played under lights. The opening ceremony function was followed by lining up of the all the 8 participating and the captains of the participating teams then happen to sign the winner’s trophy as a mark of observance to the preamble of the game of cricket and respect the laws of the game. This is a 12 week affair with 8 teams of the shipping and freight forwarding companies who will be vying for the title of the champions. The opening game was played between Al Rashed and Inchcape Shipping which was witnessed by all the guest present at the venue. As a part of the various innovations, this year SCCT has adopted the CRIC-SCORE platform to provide live online scoring for the first time for their teams and players.

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